Meet the Owners

Thank you for being inquisitive in who we are!

We are identical twins and we share a common pleasure in running a creative business with our respective families. In 2023, we decided to join our forces in the same project. This is how The Acrylic Way was born.

You can get to know us a little more by reading about our respective backgrounds.

Twin #1

Roxane & Pascal

I love being in the creation of a new project and enjoying the process of it. In 2020, I started making masks and headbands during maternity leave : I found myself so much time at home (pretty ironic, even with my first girl with me).

Then, during my second maternity leave, I started creating embroidered patches.. a bit free time again that give my brain that creation vibe. As I love having projects, that was a natural pathway. Now, we have 3 wonderful daughters.... so, yeah I got a third maternity leave and I found the wood and acylic artwork; and I love that! Especially in products intended for family, for soon-to-be parents, for kids.

Since 2023, I focus my energy now on providing high quality acrylic sheets and my husband started being more involved into the process. Thoses extra hands are just amazing. We always add that little extra touch to give our customers the best customer service and the best experience!

Twin #2

Catherine & Nicolas

Our creative adventure started in 2017 when I first find my grandma's sewing and embroidering machine, while my husband Nicolas, the innate manager, decided to monetize this new hobby. I would have probably never thought it would have been an option.

Since then, we have each worked to our strengths and developed our business. Because I am an endless creator, one of the most amazing things I love to do is to change paths, trying new creating ways. And this is how I came from embroidering patches to role-playing costume maker and then to the acrylic laser cutting world.

As we have been in your shoes as creative business owners, we understand how crucial it is to our customer to have a trusted,
reliable and uncomplicated supplier.

We want our customers to feel genuinely appreciated and valued.